Thursday :: Dec 9, 2004

CIA Officer Fights Back

by Mary

One of the complaints about the CIA under Bush's administration is that it has been politized and that people were told to suppress information that did not fit the administration's line. Well, today Dana Priest has a story in the Washington Post about a former CIA officer suing his CIA managers for retaliating at him when he tried to report information about WMD that did not fit the party line. In 2001, a coworker told him "that CIA management planned to 'get him' for his role in reporting intelligence contrary to official CIA dogma." In retaliation for his refusing to toe the line the CIA began investigations which first accused him of having sex with a human asset and then of stealing money meant to pay human assets for their work.

Those investigations, the lawsuit asserts, were "initiated for the sole purpose of discrediting him and retaliating against him for questioning the integrity of the WMD reporting . . . and for refusing to falsify his intelligence reporting to support the politically mandated conclusion" of matters that are redacted in the lawsuit.

...In 2002, the lawsuit says, the CIA officer "attempted to report routine intelligence" from a human asset "but was thwarted by CIA superiors." It goes on to say that he was subsequently approached by a senior desk officer "who insisted that Plaintiff falsify his reporting," and that when he refused, the "management" of the CIA's Counterproliferation Division ordered that he "remove himself from any further 'handling' " of the unnamed asset, who is referred elsewhere in the document as "a highly respected human asset."

The lawsuit, filed in U.S. District Court in Washington on Friday and placed in the public court docket yesterday after a judge said it could proceed using a pseudonym for the plaintiff, says his superiors falsely promised him that they would report his findings to President Bush and falsely claimed that they had disseminated some of his other reports through normal channels.

His attorney is urging the new CIA chief, Peter Goss to meet with the plantiff.

This is yet one more scandal that has the potential of ripping off some of the fog and lies that surrounded the runnup to the Iraq war. One day one of these scandals will finally break and expose the tissue of lies that surrounded this whole affair. (Thanks to War and Peace for the tip.)

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