Thursday :: Dec 9, 2004

Rummy's Bitchslapping, And More Bush Lies

by Steve

After a couple of brutal days at work and being unable to comment on several breaking stories, I wanted to chime in on them now.

So Rummy ran into a buzz saw from his own forces when he tried to do one of his tightly controlled PR tours in front of the troops. Both the Times and the Post gave the bitchslapping Rummy received wide play, and of course the right wing had its chance to misdirect the damage later today when it came out that some of the pointed questions that caught Rummy off guard were planted with the troops by an enterprising reporter from Tennessee. But what should not be forgotten in this episode is that 1) regardless whether or not the questions were planted by a reporter, the troops cheered wildly as Rummy was zinged for the pathetic support provided by the Pentagon; 2) the White House was damaged enough by the incident to immediately have Bush come out later today and reaffirm that the troops will get what they need; 3) Rummy once again has shown how he has failed our men and women in uniform; 4) Rummy was lying when he said production capacity and not money was the reason why there weren’t enough properly protected Humvees, and he was exposed by the companies who make the Humvees; and 5) it shows just how much of a bubble Rummy travels in that he can get blindsided from his own forces asking tough questions.

Mr. Bush would rather saddle future generations with crushing debt to pay for his Social Security privatization boondoggle than pay for it the honest way. Then, in losing all credibility once and for all on fiscal issues, the White House says that it can pay for privatization, cut the deficit, and make its tax cuts permanent without giving any details. So from this point on, you can disregard anything Bush says on the matter as nothing but lies and far-fetched stories.

John Snow was asked to stay in his job at Treasury only after Bush was turned down by someone else on Wall Street.

In fact, it appears that Bush will travel the country to sell his domestic policies in his second term, convinced that he has a mandate to push for Social Security privatization, tax shifting from wealth to wage earners, and tort “reform”. Since Bush is approaching this as a permanent campaign, Democrats Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid need to set up a Truth Squad to travel the country on Bush’s heels to point out the lies and corporate interests that will benefit from Bush’s sacrificing of public interest for private gain.

Slate says that automated pollsters like Survey USA and Rasmussen did a better job predicting the final election outcome than did Gallup, Mason-Dixon, and Zogby. Slate also says that there was a tie in party ID in this election amongst those who voted. That assumes of course that the final results and exit polls were accurate.

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