Saturday :: Dec 11, 2004

The Poppy Of His Country

by pessimist

I wrote earlier [see below] about the new offensive being launched by the US forces in Afghanistan against the Taliban in an effort to protect the spring 'elections'. But if Hamid Karzai was really in charge, he might be directing that this offensive go in another direction:

Karzai says drug trade is bigger problem than war

President Hamid Karzai declared a "holy war" on Afghanistan's runaway narcotics industry today, calling for international aid to counter a threat he said was more dangerous than any faced by his country in more than 20 years of war. "Opium cultivation, heroin production is more dangerous than the invasion and the attack of the Soviets on our country, it is more dangerous than the factional fighting in Afghanistan, it is more dangerous than terrorism," Karzai said.

But we still have to go after the Taliban because they didn't keep Osama in Pakistan where we could find him. Thus we need to have a reason to go after them again - a popular and familiar one that can't be easily refuted - Drugs.

Karzai is expected to announce the establishment of a new ministry to lead the anti-narcotics drive, but on Thursday gave no details of his plans, focusing instead on persuading Afghans that producing drugs was a stain on their nation.

His audience listened politely as he claimed that virtually all the profits from drugs ended up in Western banks and in the pockets of the Taliban "enemies" who helped destroy Afghanistan's once-famed vineyards and orchards.

So when is Karzai going to invade New York City?

Cultivation of opium poppies has skyrocketed since a U.S. bombing campaign drove the Taliban from power three years ago, fueling concern that billions spent on the effort to stabilize and reconstruct the country could prove in vain.

So if the Taliban aren't in power, why is the cultivation of opium poppies increasing??? What role could they possibly be playing in this situation now that Hamid Karzai has been 'popularly elected', is he not in charge of his country???

Karzai has rejected U.S. proposals for a Colombia-style crop-dusting campaign to destroy poppy fields.

Since there is no dusting program underway, he MUST be in charge! Thus, other means have to be used to curtail poppy production:

Britain and the United States are training Afghan forces to destroy crops, smash laboratories and arrest top smugglers. A special high-security court and prison are also being set up. But there is also concern that a heavy-handed approach could destabilize the country and prompt a violent backlash against the government and foreigners.

Ya mean, like in IRAQ??? Who coulda thunk it?

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