Sunday :: Dec 12, 2004

Downfall of Kerik Spells Problems for Giuliani

by Mary

Oh gee, it looks like Bush's lastest appointee for Director for Homeland Security might have been a real bozo selection. So who might be responsible for this snafu? It looks like American's Mayor for Life, Rudolf Guiliano was the fellow that convinced Bush to nominate Bernard Kerik. So what is a potential power player (and future candidate for President?) to do after the ignominious flameout of his protege? Why, of course, apologize for the embarrassment to the President, right?

The contrite former mayor, who was practically welded to President George W. Bush during the final weeks of the campaign, seems to have gotten the message.

At a Manhattan news conference yesterday, Giuliani said, "It's an embarrassment to me and to Bernie and those of us who supported him."

On Friday night, he apologized directly to White House Chief of Staff Andrew Card. "I'll speak to the president a little later," Giuliani said yesterday. "I told Andy that this is our responsibility. I'm sorry, we don't want to do anything to distract the administration."

Giuliani and Bush won't have to wait long to hash things out face-to-face. Both are scheduled to attend a holiday function at the White House later today, according to a source close to Giuliani.

One of the more humorous takes on this story is to hear how Giuliani does not want to be considered for the position.

Giuliani also added that he is not a candidate for the Homeland Security job, or any other job.

"Right now I don't have future plans," Giuliani said

Probably because all the dirt that was coming out about Kerik as an old-style patronage system reflected directly back onto Giuliani who helped set up the deals that "Berni" so badly mangled.

Giulani had a God-given chance to leave a legacy of someone who showed how during times of crisis what a real leader would do. When 9/11 happened, Giuliani forgot his own personal ambitions and really led the citizens of NY during the crisis. But then Giuliani decided to cash in on his fame and he used his slimy protege, Berni Kerik, to help. Berni has made millions from his association with Giuliani. How much do you think Rudy has gotten for his sponsorship?

Update: Josh Marshall indicates that Rudy shouldn't get the full blame for this pick. In fact, as Newsweek reports, the major blame goes to the President who liked Kerik's image. No wonder Kerik was such a pitiful choice. Makes one feel especially good knowing how effective Bush's gut is at picking people for top jobs in the government.

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