Tuesday :: Dec 14, 2004

Open Thread

by Mary

Last night Josh had a contest for the first person to find the Mayor for Life, Rudy Guiliani professing that he didn't really know Berni Kerik. And as I noted, Rudy was very, very contrite for his part in this affair. Nevertheless it looks like the White House was not amused and does not appreciate the mess that Rudy made for them. Liberal Oasis lets us know that Rudy was right to kowtow after this episode, and even so, it wasn't enough. It looks like morally upright George W Bush doesn't really appreciate people who fool around when married and he feels that Rudy isn't exactly your choirboy here.

"There aren't a lot of people close to the president who have those kind of experiences," said the Republican close to the administration, referring to Mr. Giuliani's admissions of infidelity with the woman who became his third wife and to his bitter split from his second wife, Donna Hanover.

No, George doesn't really know with anyone who is unfaithful with their spouse, except perhaps his own brother. As LO points out, Neil Bush has a bit of a checkered past in the fidelity arena.

And this attitude seems a bit unfair, since if you remember, it was our President who really picked Kerik because he liked that tough guy attitude. But since Bush never had to hold the bag for his own bad decisions, a fallguy must be identified and the fallguy is Rudy today.

Your turn now.

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