Wednesday :: Dec 15, 2004

Wednesday Short Hits

by Steve

Rummy’s fingerprints on war crimes are becoming clearer and clearer. Remember, we’re talking about the abuse of Iraqi prisoners, not Taliban or Al Qaeda fighters, in the months after the invasion. But once William Kristol turns on you, how long are you for your job anyway?

After watching a variety of groups be used by the White House in the last four years, I guess we shouldn’t be surprised that the AARP, corporate interests, and fiscal discipline types are making noises about abandoning the Bush second term agenda. But I’ll believe it when I see it. After all, one phone call from Darth Vader touting a fallacious argument on the benefits of locking in permanent deficits, being able to also borrow two trillion dollars to privatize Social Security, and eliminate wealth taxes should sway anyone, right?

Is anyone surprised that a time of swelling corporate profits, these same companies are cutting back on the health benefit coverage they provide for retirees, and socking retirees with higher and higher premiums?

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