Wednesday :: Dec 15, 2004

Solving the Health Care Problem

by Mary

I have to say that our California governor is just chockfull of new ideas for solving problems. How can you solve the problem that too many people don't have health-insurance? Why, make it illegal for individuals to not have any.

"We have too many people that are uninsured in this state," Schwarzenegger said in October at the Panetta Institute in Monterey. "We have to really address this once and for all, and figure out a way of how we do it, like with car insurance, where we make it law that people carry insurance and that they are really insured, because it's unfair to so many people when you have people using the hospitals for emergency, and then creating a huge cost."

I guess just like the requirement for people to have a legal drivers license if they wish to drive a car in California, if they want to get sick in California, we will first check to see that they have purchased their health insurance.

And if we really want this to work, we'll need to have some real disincentives if people don't purchase some coverage. Perhaps we can put scofflaws in prison for a long time if they don't comply? Or perhaps we can see if we can find an ice floe that has not yet melted on which to throw the family? Certainly if they didn't comply with the law, we are absolved of our responsibility as a community of helping, and we can refuse to help these lawbreakers when they get sick.

This clearly is a much better solution than mandating companies to cover their employees (proposition 72), which was voted down just a month ago.

(via The Suburban Guerilla)

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