Thursday :: Dec 16, 2004

Open Thread

by Mary

Berni Kerik continues to provide enormous entertainment. I agree with Laura Rozen, a movie about him now would be much more interesting than one from a week ago when the hagiography was over-the-top.

A quick summary from Josh Marshall covers the no nanny problem, lots of connections between companies with mob ties or ones working scams, spreading the wealth with the scammers, and lots of involvement with penny-stocks which help with creating the scams.

So who was responsible for picking Kerik? This was not a Rove decision. It wasn't a Cheney decision. Rudy didn't make this decision. Even our own favorite, inept Condi Rice, didn't pick this guy. The one person who was responsible for picking this turkey to protect the American public was our beloved President. So, why did our beloved leader get hoodwinked by this con guy?

Part of the problem is that our President is one of the true believers and thus more credulous than many others. According to Eric Hoffer's analysis concerning true believers, people willing to stretch the truth are more likely to be dupped by other people lying to them.

A peculiar side of credulity is that it is often joined with a proneness to imposture. The association of believing and lying is not characteristic solely of children. The inability or unwillingness to see things as they are promotes both gullibility and charlatanism.

GWB really does believe his "gut" is better at understanding solutions to problems and so is comfortable flying blind. We, unfortunately get to go along with the ride.

Your turn now.

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