Saturday :: Dec 18, 2004

Blameless Bush

by Mary

Throughout the 80's Ronald Reagan was known as the Teflon President since it didn't matter what nefarious deed happened on his watch, it just slipped off his back. Born with a silver spoon in his mouth, George W. Bush has carried on the tradition of nothing bad ever happens that the President knows about or has to take responsibility for. Tonight's example is the following article from the Palm Spring's rag, The Desert Sun.

U.S. health officials told Ugandaís government that a U.S.-funded study there on using an AIDS drug to protect babies violated federal safety rules even though they didnít tell President Bush before he authorized shipping the drug to Africa.

So once more Clueless George has signed off on a program that is totally reprehensible, but it was the nameless underlings that actually were responsible for the nasty deed. In George's administration we don't ever have to worry about seeing any signs like "The Buck Stops Here" because, of course, the party that dictates personal responsibility for the poor has no problem in excusing the boy wonder who never made a mistake. It must be nice to have so little responsibility.

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