Tuesday :: Dec 21, 2004

The Religious Right's Moral Values Voters Need To Look In The Mirror

by Steve

Terry M. Neal of the Washington Post wrote a great piece today that punctures many myths about the views of the Religious Right and their "moral values first" base. For all the talk and complaining we here from conservatives and evangelicals about the debasement of our culture and how they are victimized by Hollywood liberals, who allegedly feed them a diet of pornography in the movies and trash TV and radio, Neal took a close look at who was consuming this "trash" and which Hollywood liberals exactly were peddling this "filth" to all of these God-fearing moral values "victims". What he found was that many of those Hollywood liberals who assault the moral values voters with this debasement of our culture are actually George Bush corporate Republicans trying to make a buck, like Rupert Murdoch.

And who is consuming this product, whether it be trash TV, smutty cable shows, pay per view pornography, or rental tapes? The moral values voters themselves, that's who, in similar rates to the rest of us hedonistic blue staters. These moral values red staters preach to us blue staters that we are victimizing them with our Hollywood liberal filth at the same time they ignore who it is that is actually peddling the allegedly offensive material to them and won't look in the mirror themselves.

In fact, Neal found that the moral values divide between blue staters and red staters isn't a divide at all when it comes to entertainment. Moral values red staters like their porn movies and "Desperate Housewives" in numbers just as high as blue state residents. What really drives them crazy are the divisive and discriminatory issues of abortion and gay marriage, yet it is red state residents who have a higher incidence of teenage pregnancies and divorce than us terrible blue staters.

Red Staters, heal thyself and hold Corporate America accountable for what they peddle to you before telling the rest of us how out of touch and evil we are. Hypocrisy has always been a cornerstone of the GOP, and this is a great example that it is still in fashion.

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