Wednesday :: Dec 22, 2004

Mosul Attack Was A Suicide Bomber, With More To Come?

by Steve

Want some signs that things are getting worse in Iraq? Here’s several:

First, the Pentagon just announced that yesterday’s attack at the forward base in Mosul, which is now claimed to have killed 13 US soldiers and 5 Halliburton employees, and injured nearly 70 others, wasn’t the result of a rocket or mortar strike. It was the result of a suicide bomber, who was apparently able to walk right into the mess tent quite easily.

Second, as evidenced by the comments of Iraqis in Mosul today, there will be plenty more willing Iraqis to follow in the footsteps of yesterday’s butcher.

Third, today saw the first American contractor to bail out of Iraq because of deteriorating security. Since we haven't really opened up the contracting process to vendors of other countries, where does that leave us if American firms now start bailing out?

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