Wednesday :: Dec 22, 2004

Fighting The Bush/GOP Lie Machine On Social Security

by Steve

Remember, Social Security is not an investment vehicle, it is old age insurance that is not in imminent danger of collapse, no matter what lies are told by Mr. Bush and his lackeys in the media. And any disingenuousness or deception by Mr. Bush in selling this crisis or his “remedy” for it doesn’t make the problem real. Anyone, including our GOP friends on this blog who bleat that there is an imminent problem with Social Security are, like Mr. Bush, f**king liars.

Social Security is not a pyramid scheme, as it has run surpluses for decades, and can continue to do so with improvements for decades more. Remember, a pyramid scheme is something that promises results that knowingly cannot be delivered and is based on deception. In other words, we’re talking about the Bush fiscal and tax policies.

Please remember that the same man and minions inside the government and in the media who are now telling you that Social Security is broken and facing imminent collapse are the same folks who sold you the Iraq war. And they have already convinced the public that there are major problems facing Social Security now, just like they convinced this same public that Saddam was behind 9/11 and that he had WMDs.

Whenever you read a poll that states that respondents support Bush’s gutting of Social Security, find out if the pollster asked what the respondents' views were once it was explained to them that they could see their retirements reduced if their investments go down with a market downturn. Chances are that support for Bush's scam drops significantly when respondents are told that there is no free lunch here. Check out yesterday’s Washington Post poll for proof.

The only way to fight this repeat of the Bush/GOP Lie Machine is to pounce on members of the media with emails and faxes when they spread the Bush/GOP falsehoods about an imminent problem with Social Security, and demand that they reveal their sources for these lies. Likewise, as Josh Marshall is doing, we must focus our attention on those Democrats who are thinking of sliding over and voting for any privatization, and remind them that they can easily have a primary opponent next year within the party.

The GOP, their allies in the media, and their sycophantic supporters base their political ideology on repeating falsehoods enough until the lazy public accepts these lies as facts. After seeing American men and women now dying in Iraq because of a repetition of lies worthy of impeachment, we cannot let them get away with it again. The media and the GOP must be challenged this time on their assertions and "facts."

There are no more free rides.

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