Thursday :: Dec 23, 2004

Open Thread

by Mary

The special task forces examining whether it was possible for Americans to get cheaper drugs by importing them from other countries came to the unsurprising conclusion that no, this would not work and in fact, Americans would be worse off than before. One concern was that to setup the regulatory system up that would guarantee the safety of the drugs would add so much to the original cost, that it would be no cheaper than buying them in the US. (This concern is somewhat ironic because there have been many stories lately about how hard it is to guarantee the safety of drugs these days. See this story about Vioxx.)

The other reason that one committee gave was that allowing Americans to buy cheaper drugs from somewhere else would harm the pharms since they would be unable to invest in new drug research and thus harm Americans since research into new drugs would be stopped. Ah, why is it not surprising that the real reason that it is bad is because it would hurt big pharm's profits?

Your turn now.

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