Thursday :: Dec 23, 2004

Help Those Who Fight The Good Fight

by Steve

As we near the end of the year, you may want to think about making some donations to worthy causes which not only fight the good fights, but also can give you a tax deduction for 2004 for doing so (no, I donít mean the Left Coaster.) Allow me to suggest several entities for your consideration that I donate to, and feel free in the comments thread to suggest causes for others to consider which can help fight Bush and the GOPís destruction of this country.

Media Matters For America
Economic Policy Institute
The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities
Citizens For Tax Justice
Taxpayers for Common Sense
Public Citizen
The Center for Responsive Politics
The Center for Public Integrity
American Constitution Society for Law and Policy
Earth Justice
Natural Resources Defense Council
Black Box Voting

There are, of course, other worthy efforts for your consideration than those listed here. But this is just a sample of those who fight against the forces of private gain over public interest that you can contribute to and get a tax break for doing so.

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