Thursday :: Dec 23, 2004

Bush, Out Of Touch With Nation, Will Renominate Same Right Wing Judges Again He Couldn't Get Through Last Time

by Steve

Earlier in the week, the ABC News/Washington Post poll reflected that respondents wanted judicial candidates to be evaluated on their views, in addition to their qualifications. Also, 64% of the respondents also felt it was important for Bush to nominate moderates or liberals, and not conservatives. So what does Bush do days later? Now that he feels he has a mandate for extremists and a compliant Senate, he announces that he will put forward the same batch of wing nuts he couldnít get confirmed in the last session.

Of course, does he have the guts to make a big deal out of his principles and moral clarity, by doing this at a press conference or in prime media coverage as part of a big campaign? No, he waits until the day before Christmas Eve and slips it under the mat by way of a statement late in the day from Scott McClellan.

OK you prick, you want to use your political capital on these kooks? Fine, letís expose this and show the country exactly how out of touch these far right nutcases really are. Then letís see how much further down your approval ratings will fall.

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