Tuesday :: Dec 28, 2004

Open Thread

by Mary

Tonight Yahoo has the headline: Bush Monitors Earthquake Damage From Texas. My first thought was: what a strange headline. What does it mean that Bush is monitoring the earthquake damage? For what purpose is he monitoring it and what value does he bring to the table by performing a monitoring task? To monitor has specific meanings and I can't quite figure out which meaning they are trying to convey with this headline, except it does seem to be the word used by the Bush spokesperson:

"He's been monitoring it very closely," White House spokesman Trent Duffy told reporters at a briefing here. "He's seen some of the images on television."

To monitor:

  1. To check the quality or content of (an electronic audio or visual signal) by means of a receiver.
  2. To check by means of an electronic receiver for significant content, such as military, political, or illegal activity: monitor a suspected criminal's phone conversations.
  3. To keep track of systematically with a view to collecting information: monitor the bear population of a national park; monitored the political views of the people.
  4. To test or sample, especially on a regular or ongoing basis: monitored the city's drinking water for impurities.
  5. To keep close watch over; supervise: monitor an examination.
  6. To direct.

Which meaning do you think they meant when they talked about Bush monitoring the earthquake damage? And can you devise a better headline to more closely state what Bush is doing? How about: Bush Follows Earthquake Damage From Texas?

This thread is now yours to direct, and no one will be monitoring it to make sure you stay on topic. :-)

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