Tuesday :: Dec 28, 2004

Haven't Anything Better To Do?

by pessimist

Token Bu$hCo Asian-American and 'Bi-partisan' Democrat Norman Mineta must be worried about getting caught up in the recent mass-exodus of (mis)Administration officials who aren't welcome to remain in their cushy seats during the next pRetzledenture. How else can one explain why he's calling for an investigation of the events which snarled holiday air traffic when the common buzz claims that a sick-out was to blame - a charge that airline employees deny?

I think that there are many other things much more imprtant for Federal investigators to be pursuing. Here's a short list:

* The person responsible for the anthrax attacks

* Numerous reports of vote fraud dating back to 2000

* The person responsible for outing Mrs. Wilson (Valerie Plame) as a CIA asset

* Ken Lay and Enron

* Why the national air defense was ordered to stand down on 9/11

Any others you can add?

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