Thursday :: Dec 30, 2004

Open Thread

by Mary

GW Bush: America is a compassionate and generous nation. Yes, Americans can be a compassionate and generous people, but under Bush, our government is miserly and mean. We can't afford to help others because, frankly, only faith-based actions count and of course, we need to build huge boondoggles that can never work, because we are a fearful people. As Juan Cole says, Bush made it sound like the US was the most generous and compassionate nation because we gave so much for aid. Yet, when you work out the math per capita, the amount the US pledged works out to 9 cents per person whereas Australia's pledge is $1.35 per person. And compare the pledge of $35M to the cost of the Iraq war which racks up $177 M per day. (Note that Bush's failure to step up to the magnitude of this tragedy was not true of many Americans. Both the left and right blogosphere have provided information to their readers about where people can donate.)

BTW: One group you can donate to and know it will be used wisely and well is Mercy Corps of Portland, OR.

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