Friday :: Dec 31, 2004

Muslim Internment

by soccerdad

Daniel Pipes of the Middle East Forum was appointed by President Bush to a temporary vacancy at the United States Institute of Peace, after the Senate balked at a regular appointment for him.

I have found him to be an extremist who is one of far right's most outspoken critics of Islam and Muslim's in general. He appears to be short of common sense and an understanding of American civil liberaties.

Well in an article in the Star-Telegram he advances the position that internment of Muslims would be a good idea. The logic is typical neocon rubbish. First, you declare the response to 9/11 as a war on terror. Then, having declared it a war you expand the context to a war on Islam. Twenty something Muslims out of 1 billion Muslims in the world attack us and so obviously we must attack Islam and all Muslims.

To support his position he turns to Michelle Malkin's book In Defense of Internment: The Case for Racial Profiling in World War II and the War on Terror and draws the parallels between then and now.

He notes that ....[ the book] starts with the unarguable premise that in time of war, "the survival of the nation comes first." From there, she draws the corollary that "Civil liberties are not sacrosanct."

David Neiwert has compiled a good discussion on Malkin's book here. A must read.

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