Sunday :: Jan 2, 2005

House Democrats Lose A Voice Of Reason, And A Decent Man

by Steve

I found out today that for the first time in three decades Sacramento will not be fortunate to have Bob Matsui as a political representative. Matsui, who was the third ranking member on the House Ways and Means Committee, and the Democrats’ point person in the House on fighting Bush’s plans to destroy Social Security, died yesterday from complications from myelodysplastic disorder. Matsui was a political institution in this town, and was the best advocate the Democrats had in the House on free trade.

For a long time, the Sacramento region was blessed to have both Matsui and Vic Fazio as its representatives. Matsui was a decent and ethical public servant, someone who had nothing in common with the smarmy and corrupt GOP House leadership of Tom DeLay and Denny Hastert, both of whom could never hold a candle to Matsui’s commitment to public service. Yet these two cretins, along with fellow GOP slugs Richard Pombo to my south and John Doolittle to my east constitute what passes for GOP leadership in George W. Bush’s Washington.

Matsui’s seat will be up for a special election now, and will safely stay in Democratic hands, perhaps with former State Assemblyman (and a work acquaintance of mine a decade ago) Darrell Steinberg or State Senator Deborah Ortiz likely to win such an election. Either one, although both good and fair-minded public officials, will have big shoes to fill.

God bless the soul of Bob Matsui and my prayers go out to his family.

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