Tuesday :: Jan 4, 2005

Washington State's Sore Loserman-Dino "Yanukovich" Rossi

by rayman

Like many of you, I've been following the Washington recount saga with a certain interest lo these past two months. However, it's not until I read this post by Seattle resident David Neiwert that I truly got a sense of how reckless, venal, and blatantly undemocratic the GOP is. A few days ago, after a manual recount showed Democrat Christine Gregoire on top, the Republican Secretary of State, Sam Reed, certified the election for Gregoire, and has unsurprisingly been pilloried by his party. But check out Reed's response:

Now Reed believes the anger toward him is driven by a feeling he hasn't been Republican enough. For example, some think he should have backed the party's call for county auditors to reopen their tallies in hopes of getting more Rossi votes counted.

"There are people who think I should be using the position of secretary of state simply to weigh the scales on the side of my own party. I just don't accept that, and it would not be proper," he said.

"There are some people who have been dismayed that I wasn't a Katherine Harris who took the position, 'I'm a Republican, and by God that comes first.'"

Look, ma, a Republican with a conscience, personal ethics, and commitment to the democratic process! Doubly delicious is his implicit acknowledgement of Katherine Harris's role as a partisan fixer in the 2000 election saga. Not surprisingly, the Rossi camp, which arrogantly sought a replay of Florida by annointing him "governor-elect" before the recount and pressuring Gregoire to concede, is now mounting a legal challenge to the result (Sore Loserman anyone?) Here's Neiwert's response:
It's important to remember that, as George Howland in the Seattle Weekly points out, Republicans lost because they put all their efforts into playing a PR game in which they hoped to bully the Democrats into submission as they did in Florida. That was, of course, the larger purpose of Rossi's premature assumption of the governor-elect's title and the calls for Gregoire to concede. Meanwhile, Democrats went out and used the legal process, as it's designed to be used, to their advantage to scare up additional votes.

The Republicans failed because of incompetence, pure and simple, and now they're counting on clubbing Gregoire with the "illegitimate" label for the next four years. The irony is delicious. The hypocrisy, though, is what we've come to expect.

Unlike Florida, the good guys won this time (so far, at least). However, the Washington recount saga offers another example of the depths the GOP is willing to sink in its thirst for power. Did someone say election reform?

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