Thursday :: Jan 6, 2005

Open Thread

by Mary

Today will be quite busy at the capital in Washington DC. Alberto Gonzales will be getting grilled by the Senate Judiciary Committee. (KQED will be broadcasting the hearings live.) The White House is betting that the Democrats will be unwilling to oppose Gonzales for fear of getting on the wrong side of the Hispanic community. As this article shows, the White House is playing the ethnic card to the hilt. In fact, the newest Democratic Hispanic Senator has been tapped to introduce Gonzales:

Salazar "has known Judge Gonzales for some time," a Salazar spokesman said. "Judge Gonzales personally asked Ken to introduce him. Ken and Judge Gonzales have met and have had discussions. At this point, he anticipates he will support Judge Gonzales."

And it appears that the certification of the election results could be slowed down by questions about what happened in Ohio. Instead of having Bush's "mandate" affirmed easily, there could be some interesting speedbumps on the road to the White House. For one of the best rundowns of why the Ohio vote deserves to be contested, read georgia10's excellent article: The Informed Citizen's Guide to the 2004 Election.

So what else is up today?

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