Thursday :: Jan 6, 2005

Barbara Boxer Supports House Democratic Objections To Presidential Vote

by Steve

Give Barbara Boxer credit. She stood up today in support of the move by House Democrats to raise objections to the election irregularities in Ohio and elsewhere. As a result of Boxer’s support in the Senate for the House move, led by Stephanie Tubbs-Jones of Ohio, each house of Congress must now debate and vote today on the merits of the complaints brought forward by the House Democrats. Bush’s election is not in doubt, given the GOP margins in both houses. But at least the GOP must go on record with their dismissal of these concerns, and have to work a little to install their corrupt administration.

Oh, and where was John Kerry when Boxer was doing this? He wasn’t participating, and was instead in Iraq thanking the troops for serving, something that will be long forgotten in Iraq but remembered here at home when he runs again in 2008.

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