Thursday :: Jan 6, 2005

NYT Labels Boxer's Support For House Dems a "Tart Partisan Protest"

by Steve

A tart partisan protest?

That’s what the New York Times called Barbara Boxer’s support for House Democratic complaints surrounding voting irregularities in November’s election. Worse yet, apparently the Times couldn’t afford to send one of their regular reporters to write this up, they had to use a reporter from their overseas publication the International Herald Tribune to do the piece. I guess the rest of their regular Capitol Hill reporters were off covering other noteworthy events today.

And another thought. Would the Times use the phrase “tart partisan protest” if a man had led the charge today in the Senate? Would they have used that phrase if the protest were being led by Tom DeLay or Bill Frist over the inability of thousands of white upstate New Yorkers to vote on Election Day due to an inadequate number of voting machines, while black voters seemingly had plenty of machines in their precincts in New York City?

I doubt it.

When exactly did it become OK in this country, and OK for the New York Times to look the other way, when a state and county election officials to intentionally disenfranchise thousands of registered, African Americans by placing fewer voting machines in their precincts in the general election than they did in the primary election just months before?

Let the Times' "Public Editor" Daniel Okrent know what you think about this characterization of this story today by writing him at

And while you are at it, ask him what moral values are really important to the Times.

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