Saturday :: Jan 8, 2005

Koufax Crisis

by dj moonbat

There's another crisis people may not know about, one which--if we fail to act--will doom our children and our children's children to live forever in shame. How, after all, can they hold their heads up high knowing Granny or Gramps was a regular visitor to a mere also-ran in Wampum's Koufax Awards?

I see Corrente and First Draft have already fired the first shots in the war for Leftie Group Blog dominance. Steve, our beloved blog-lord, is far too modest and mild-mannered to respond, and exhort his readers to fight back. But I, for one, cannot stand idly by while this crisis threatens to consume everything we have worked for lo these many months.

Just vote once, of course, and if you are not insolvent (like me), throw Wampum some cash to cover the assuredly gargantuan server costs associated with the Koufax awards. But vote! This crisis must not be ignored!

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