Saturday :: Jan 8, 2005

New Delhi Inks Multi-Billion Dollar Energy Deals With Iran, Russia

by Steve

Following up on Pessimist’s good post this morning on how the Chinese are nailing down their economic and energy future while our current brain-dead administration continues to focus solely on hoarding supplies from unreliable sources, take a look at what the Indians have just done. New Delhi has just inked deals with both Russia and Iran to lock down their energy needs for years, and is directly competing with China for energy sources.

If you want to see why we will never take military action against Iran without paying a huge international price, this is Exhibit A. While the Bush Administration focuses on acquiring the rights to build permanent military bases in Central Asia and Iraq, and commits the US taxpayer to the costs of maintaining those bases for decades in a futile effort to safeguard claims on oil and gas from unreliable sources in the midst of an Islamic world that holds us in low regard, China and India are building relationships based on business and not guns to provide their energy needs. Frankly, doing business with Iran and Russia has less of a downside than banking on stable supplies in Iraq or Saudi Arabia.

New Delhi's approach is more sustainable and less crippling upon its populace than our outdated, militaristic, and high-risk approach. While these other countries develop solutions to their energy needs that rely upon mutually beneficial development, we’ll continue to plod down the path of using the blood of our soldiers to overcome a lack of farsightedness from the Big Oil cold warriors running this country for the next four years.

Yep, ANWR will sure cure everything, won't it? And more nuclear plants too, right?

Sure, let's count on Iraq's oil pipelines and the Saudis for the rest of this decade while we wait for that 1-2% of our supply from the Alaskan tundra. Meanwhile, let's keep from raising the fuel economy standards and maintain the Hummer tax break. That sounds like a good energy policy, doesn't it?

What a f**king joke this team is.

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