Sunday :: Jan 9, 2005

Making The Mountains Move

by pessimist

In the comment thread for soccerdad's excellent post Fallujah- The Aftermath, the topic of how well the media covers events like the Siege of Fallujah arose. Media coverage being unreliable, there are still ways for people to discover what is going on, as several commenters brought up.

There have been numerous stories about how blogs like The Left Coaster have been taking over the investigatory role in journalism, and that we bloggers are having an effect. I ran across this post this morning which tends to confirm this:

Together, we moved three mountains

Together, grassroots/Internet activists have just moved three major American mountains. The mainstream media slept, scoffed and scorned us. Prompted by web sites like, and, the grassroots have surged.

And the mountains moved.

We ARE having an effect!

On January 6, we forced an angry Republican-dominated Congress into an unprecedented confrontation with the Truth about Ohio's stolen election, about dubious vote counts nationwide, and ultimately about an electoral process worthy of zero public trust.

America's progressive grassroots further showed it could prompt the "democratic wing" of the Democratic Party to finally stand up for its constituents' right to vote, even in the face of the usual withering slander from Karl Rove's dirty tricksters.

And those of us who work the Internet showed we could spark a mass movement by exposing a national travesty despite relentless abuse from the mainstream media, which did absolutely nothing to uncover the systematic corruption of our electoral process. But from Ohio, Florida, New Mexico and elsewhere, there emerged an irrefutable portrait of yet another stolen election.

In sworn testimony at public hearings convened with no help, cooperation or participation from the Kerry Campaign or the Democratic Party, scores of Ohioans told their infuriating stories. With relentless investigation, cooperation and participation from private citizens from all over the state, a gruesome portrait of GOP racism, fraud and contempt burned across the worldwide web.

Team Kerry ducked out with the phony dodge that the Ohio fraud was not numerically large enough to give it the presidency. Just a few weeks' research could have shown otherwise. Or they could've looked on the web. Or they could've listened to their supporters' sworn testimony on being cheated out of their vote.

"Changing the outcome" means more than who sits in the White House. It also means that every vote is counted, and the final margin is correct, no matter who's on top. Do the Democratic Party centrists and Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) corporate types think they can still hope to win an election? Who will organize or turn out for a party that won't stand for the sacred voting rights of its core constituencies? Kerry's concession did clear the way for those who believe that democracy is greater than the Democratic Party. A relentless grassroots movement has pierced the myth of Bush's phony 3.5 million-vote margin.

Finally, on January 6, some three dozen Representatives and Senators stood up. Speech after speech in the "Boxer Rebellion" -- led by led by Sen. Barbara Boxer, D-CA and Rep. Tubb Jones -- finally put on the Congressional record the grassroots affidavits and web reporting ignored by Team Kerry. No single significant investigative contribution came from the mainstream media, which proceeded to virtually black out this historic confrontation. The vicious, contemptuous theft of Ohio's electoral votes has been put on the Congressional record. A nation conducting wholesale slaughter overseas in the name of democracy has been forced to face the gaping craters in its own.

But this was an unprecedented Constitutional confrontation. For whatever it was worth, the progressives spoke for the people. They confirmed there might be a future for the democratic wing of the Democratic Party. The Truth that forced this watershed event was unearthed and broadcast almost entirely through the web and a few progressive talk radio and TV stations. Against all odds, we blasted a gaping hole through the hostile wall of the corporate media. The movement that made it happen was organized, funded and executed by an unprecedented bare bones, multi-racial, nationwide rainbow of cyberjournalists and grassroots activists, with no help from America's mainstream "party of the people."

The Republicans confirmed another fraud. We moved those mountains in spite of them and the mainstream DLC Democrats. Where this leads depends on how relentlessly we document, disseminate and then prosecute the capital Crimes of November 2.

In 1972 Richard Nixon swept 49 states amidst a ghastly war. But he had already poisoned himself with crimes of arrogance. He was driven from office by those who stood and fought.

This election, like 2000, was a curse of its own. No matter how bleak things may seem now, the seeds of victory have been sown for those who will fight for true democracy.

Because we have once again proved that together, we can move mountains.

Sure, we only won a small skirmish while losing the battle in the midst of a much larger war for American liberty. But there are signs that the tide is turning.

On Meet The Press this morning, the idea was raised that Social Security might be the issue that causes Bu$hCo to overreach. The fact that this idea was even raised gives me - pessimist that I am - some hope that the mainstream media will recognize that it's time to resume their traditional watchdog role.

But in the spirit of Aesop's Ant and the Grasshopper. we have to be prepared to continue - if not expand - our investigative opportunity in the event that the mainstream media fails to do so.

We may be all that's left by then.

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