Sunday :: Jan 9, 2005

Newt Wants To Run For President

by Steve

I love it when the GOP gets unwelcome news. Today’s is the news that Newt Gingrich, the man whose commitment to marriage is as thin as toilet paper, thinks he’ll run for president in 2008. The man who wrote the Contract with America and then walked away from it once the GOP assumed power, has issued a new contract of sorts as he touts his next book. Apparently to Newt, the overriding issue facing the country the next 20-25 years is Islamic fundamentalism and the death wish Islamic fanatics have for our country, at least as Newt sees them anyway. Everything else appears to be secondary. So he is the ideal candidate for the Petzold wing of the GOP.

Welcome Newt to the fray. As a Democrat, I am delighted to see your hypocritical and egotistical persona polluting up the GOP scene in 2008.

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