Monday :: Jan 10, 2005

Is CNN Trying To Move Back To Hard News?

by Steve

One story I did not comment on late last week was the move by the new president of CNN to terminate “Crossfire” as a stand-along show and to let Tucker Carlson move on to his new show at MSNBC. I normally would have hooted at Carlson’s demise at CNN, except that (in unguarded moments) I actually like Carlson because he is one of the only GOP pundits who have seen through the compassionate conservative facade of George W. Bush. Of course Carlson will still side with and support everything Bush does, and spew garbage about those they hate (like Jesse Jackson), but I he at least knows that Bush is a snake and has some problems that the rest of the GOP punditocracy refuses to consider.

The reason given by new CNN president Jonathan Klein for letting Carlson go and dumping “Crossfire” were that he agreed with the assessments of John Stewart when Stewart appeared on Crossfire several months ago and bashed Carlson and the show for doing a disservice to viewers. Klein thinks that pundit shows like “Crossfire” have evolved into nothing more than head butting now, and do nothing to advance issues or present multiple voices. As Tim Goodman writes in an excellent piece in today’s San Francisco Chronicle, it is laudable that Klein has apparently decided to move CNN back to its roots in news and let Fox have the opinion-is-news crowd all to itself. No doubt MSNBC will be there to fill in the slot of Fox-wanabe that CNN is abdicating. Of course, it remains to be seen if Klein turns CNN back into a hard news outfit and offers multiple views and voices on the air, or if he simply has scuttled the one pundit show that had two hard fighting Democrats on it.

Now all we have to do is send continual emails to Wolf and point out every time he spews White House drivel instead of being a real reporter....

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