Monday :: Jan 10, 2005

Before Today's Firings, CBS News Execs Went To White House To Improve Relations

by Steve

I guess it is only a coincidence that the sacking today of four officials at CBS News over the Bush National Guard memos (whose content has never been refuted by the White House) follows by less than two weeks an ass-kissing session at the White House by the same people who kept their jobs today.

When exactly did the White House take over CBS News? We already knew that Viacom, CBS's corporate parent has already done its part through owner Sumner Redstone to help out the White House. But now this, where the news executives go to the White House hat in hand and then sack news professionals while keeping their own jobs, to ensure that Rove has people in place who can guarantee that no story will ever come from CBS that will damage Bush again.

Nice trick, there.

Somehow this story is a good follow-on to the Armstrong Williams revelation that there are others in the punditocracy who are “on the payroll” for the White House. It is emblematic of a reality in today’s Washington that no matter what the right wingers say, we are about as far away from a liberal media now than we ever have been in the last twenty years. When the White House’s press spokesman seems to say that the real problem with the Williams story is that he was wrong for revealing that he was on the payroll, you know all that you need to know about how Corporate America and the GOP actually run our media.

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