Tuesday :: Jan 11, 2005

Open Thread

by Mary

Mark Danner continues to be one of the best journalists today. He first made his name exposing the ugliness of the Salvadoran Death Squads. Because of him, every American can know the tale of El Mozote and what happened. It was El Mozote that made it clear that there was no liberal media. The right wing immediately attacked the journalists that reported on the death squads which wiped out a village as a part of their dirty war. They tried to destroy the careers of Ray Bonner and Alma Guillermoprieto because they dared to report about the massacre in 1982. It took years to expose the massacre because the apologists for the Reagan White House declared the reporters reporting this story were dups of the Communists.

Once the mass graves were exhumed in the early 90's, even the Wall Street Journal admitted that there was probably a massacre, but, gosh, no one knows who might have been responsible. That must be why the wingnuts at FOX are still reporting that it is all lies that the death squads came from the Salvadoran army despite the fact that the El Salvador Truth Commission found the army and groups aligned with them were responsible for 90% of the atrocities committed.

Today it hardly seems surprising that Bush II who wants so much to be the one true heir of Reagan would find a way to have death squads for his own dirty war.

Your turn now.

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