Wednesday :: Jan 12, 2005


by Duckman GR

It seems that Representative Louise Slaughter from the New York 28th, and others, have some questions they wish the GAO to look into.

I like this part, just trying to be helpful:

We recognize that a comprehensive survey of federal departments and agencies may be a large undertaking. We ask that you focus your initial attention on covert propaganda related to the following seven topics:

The No Child Left Behind Act and its implementation;
The Medicare Modernization Act and its implementation;
Tax legislation signed or proposed by President Bush;
Social Security reform;
The war in Iraq;
Homeland security;
Energy and the environment.

We are available to work with you to refine this request as you proceed with the investigative work.

A target rich environment, I would say. Ms. Slaughter has been pushing for the reinstatement of the Fairness Doctrine, as she discusses with Bill Moyers in this NOW interview for years, and pretty much no one gets off with a free pass, Dems or rethugs.

Money talks, and lots of money talks real LOUD.

When you read garbage like this from Howard Fineman, (see the company he keeps?) you have to wonder how many people in the media are on the take with the bush White House.

Really, his article is astounding in its hubris and smugness, which just makes you wonder. Here's an example:

Bush doesn't hate the AMMP (indeed, he likes his share of reporters on a personal basis). He just refuses to care about what it's up to. The terrorist attack of 9/11, and the added security concerns it fueled, have given the White House a new reason to keep the AMMP at bay. Pools are "tighter," more and more events are "closed press," and those that are open are to be viewed at a distance, if at all.

That's his invention of an American Main Stream Media Party which he seems to think has been running this country since the 60's. Of course bush hates the media, they make him look like an idiot, and CBS and Dan Rather were mean to his daddy. And they aren't keeping the media at "bay,", they're dictating, threatening, and bribing them to report things their way.

Of course craven hacks like Fineman like to fluff themselves up that way, but since the AMMP, or their Regional HQ in WA DC, the Beltway MMP, has been bought and paid for, it would seem, he's really just self stimulating his ego.

Drop a line to Congressman Slaughter in support, or Congressman Waxman (again!) of their efforts. And write your Congressperson too. This story about williams is just the beginning. It may be people you've never heard of, not the safliars and novaks, but the Joseph Perkins of the world that are suspect. Not that I'm saying any of those people are getting payola, but until this is fully investigated the public has no way of knowing whether the stories they read are real or astroturf.

Its like the Wall Street Jack Grubman touts who were touting dogs to fatten their own wallets; until the offending parties are purged and rules implemented to prevent further occurances, you don't have confidence in yer lyin eyes.

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