Sunday :: Jan 16, 2005

WMD or Rathergate

by soccerdad

This week we saw two stories develop; the end of the search of WMD's in Iraq and the firing of 4 people at CBS. The disparity in coverage of these two events is detailed in an article by Eric Boehlert in Salon.

As we all know Rathergate received much more coverage. On the blogs, the RNC noise machine really had it cranked up. Even the NYT buried the story on WMDs.

As I have said before, this remains the fundamental problem facing Democrats. How do you overcome this bias? Until you have a plan and mechanism in place that can at least grab the kind of attention the RNC can grab, then all else doesn't matter. Making this even more difficult is the Rethugs are changing the rules that will allow even more consolidation of the media.

I like to listen to sports talk radio on the way to and from work. It's more right wing than Rush and makes no secret that they back Bush and his policies. The am show can spend more time on politics than sports.

So what are we going to do? Keep worrying whether to go center or left?

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