Monday :: Jan 17, 2005

Pentagon Pushes Back Against Hersh Story on Iran - Without Denying It

by Steve

You'll recall that Seymour Hersh broke the story today in the New Yorker that the Bush Administration has been conducting secret missions in Iran since last summer, with the intent of mapping out military targets for a future war.

Today, the Pentagon pushed back and trashed Hersh, as they always do. They did everything to discredit Hersh's story.

Everything that is, except to deny the story.

Read the Hersh story and see why the intelligence bill was rewritten at the last moment to allow Defense to retain its intelligence capabilities. And then realize that Rummy was never going to leave, because he now has the power to act in a new "Global Free-Fire Zone" without having to tell anyone what he is up to. And Bush and Cheney are totally supportive of allowing Rummy, Doug Feith, and Steve Cambone, who already have their fingerprints of failure over the Iraq WMDs Office of Special Plans and Abu Ghraib fiascos, to do the dirty work without accountability that Bush no longer wants the Agency to do.

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