Thursday :: Jan 20, 2005

A Warmer And Friendlier Bush? Yeah, Right.

by Steve

If you want an example of how a seasoned political reporter can continually be hoodwinked by this Administration, read this Page One analysis of how Bush is likely to be more accommodating in his second term by Dan Balz and Mike Fletcher of the Washington Post. Despite evidence to the contrary in his actions already, Balz and Fletcher fall for the usual Bush trap of getting sucked into Bush’s words while ignoring his actions. Read this assessment, shake your head, understand that while these guys hope to see a warmer and friendlier Bush, his VP is making all the necessary noises of a team that intends to assert even more of an imperial presidency in foreign affairs in a second term, specifically in Iran. And these stories were printed today in the same newspaper, on the same day.

Who’s the editor at the Post anyway?

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