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Wedge World China

by pessimist

The Chinese have been very industrious lately while King George Warmonger has been too busy strutting about like the stuffed turkey that he is to notice.

Among many other initiatives, the Chinese have been making financial deals with Britain - part of a strategy to massage the EU into ending the weapons embargo that only the US and Japan continue to support. This embargo must be an entity in name only, as weapon sales to China have increased:

The value of EU licences to sell arms to China increased from 210m in 2002 to 416m in 2003, or from 146m to 289m. France increased its share from 105m to 171m, while Britain increased its share from 79m to 112m, or from 55m to 78m. The licence value indicates the volume of sales officially sanctioned.

Japanese opposition to ending the armsa embargo will probably weaken now that China alone equals US trade with Japan, especially if China pledges to support Japan's bid for a UN Security Council seat.

On another frontier, China is preparing to send two astronauts into space this fall on a mission that will last five days while NASA - hamstrung by Bu$hCo budget cuts - has to hit home runs with upcoming missions or become merely another minor-league player in the race to develop space.

China is considering another move in a frozen waste that should open some eyes.

China mulls post office in Antarctica

China, active in exploring the Antarctic region, is mulling opening up a post office in the icy continent, the state media reported Thursday. Three trial mail operations have been held so far, and the fourth trail mail will leave Beijing for Antartica on February 4. The mail will travel 17,051 km to the Changcheng Station of China via Chile. Each piece of mail weighing 20 grams or less will cost seven yuan (84 US cents).

Why do I begin to have concerns for the employment future of the USPS?

There is another interesting little tidbit within this article:

In another first, on January 18, a 12-member Chinese expedition became the first humans to scale the highest icecap peak in Antarctica, Dome A Icecap 4, which is 4,093 meters above sea level.

This is an effort that bears further observation.

Shifting back to the international trade sector, China has among many other deals agreed to financial investment from Eire, Canada has made a livestock deal, our Gulf allies are agreeing to trade with China, Singapore isgetting in on the action, and Taiwan is investing in a Chinese port while the US struggles to catch up with an agreement that screws American workers - and has China balking.

But not everything the Chinese are dealing with smells better than anything Bu$hCo emits. China is dealing with a hostage crisis in Iraq, but they have been offered a deal to 'treat the captives mercifully' if China will ban Chinese nationals from travelling to Iraq. Considering that China has many deals with Iran, they just may decide to take that offer. Once King George Warmonger attacks Iran, he will not only be facing Chinese opposition, but will also be staring down his old buddy Pooty-poot, accompanied by the Brazilians and the Indians - both countries which are breaking 'traditional' economic ties to the US. Even Uganda is calling for the world to oppose US threats against Iran. They are even willing to have Iran build them tractors. Anyone in contact with John Deere's pet congressman?

Breaking ties with the US is something many nations of the world are acting upon, and they feel that they have good reason:

Global poll: much of world thinks Bush is dangerous

More than half of people surveyed in a BBC World Service poll say the re-election of U.S. President George W. Bush has made the world more dangerous. The survey found that 47% of the 21,953 people questioned now see U.S. influence in the world as largely negative, and view Americans negatively as well.

Only three countries - India, Poland and the Philippines - out of 21 polled believed the world was now safer. None of the countries polled supported contributing their troops to Iraq. "This is quite a grim picture for the U.S.," said Steven Kull, director of the Program on International Policy Attitudes (PIPA), which carried out the poll with GlobeScan. "Negative feelings about Bush are high and are generalizing to the American people who re-elected him."

Most negative feelings were found in Western European, Latin American and Muslim countries. They include traditional U.S. allies such as Germany, France, Britain and Italy as well as neighbors Canada and Mexico.

Turkey topped the anti-Bush list, with 82% believing his re-election would be negative for global security. The result is bad news for the president as Turkey is a U.S. ally and the only Muslim member of Nato, says the BBC's Chris Morris in Brussels. Anti-Bush sentiments also appeared to be strong in Latin America. Argentina, with 79%, and Brazil, with 78%, follow Turkey in the list.

Other predominantly Muslim countries - Indonesia and Lebanon - were also high up the list.

Doug Miller, President of Globescan, said the findings "supports the view of some Americans that unless his administration changes its approach to world affairs in its second term, it will continue to erode America's good name, and hence its ability to effectively influence world affairs".

If we needed a more graphic example of how the world thinks of King George Warmonger, ...

Pilgrims stone "devil" Bush in haj ritual

Haj pilgrims have pelted stones at symbols of the devil, with many saying they were targeting U.S. President George W. Bush and other world leaders seen as oppressing Muslims. Many pilgrims said on Friday they were thinking of Bush and his allies while they were hurling pebbles at the site where the devil is said to have appeared to the biblical patriarch Abraham.

"Yes, the devil is Bush and that other one from Israel -- (Prime Minister Ariel) Sharon. And there's (British Prime Minister) Blair too," said Egyptian Tia'amah Mohammed. "We throw the stones so we can vent our anger at them."

Many Muslims revile Bush for his perceived bias towards Israel and the U.S. occupation of Iraq. Anger at Sharon also runs deep over Israel's occupation of Palestinian land and Jerusalem, the site of one of Islam's holiest shrines.

Doesn't sound to me like they care much for King George Warmonger'$ bleats about 'freedom' and 'liberty'!

There is so much more to cover, and I will be getting back on that horse as time and energy and other commitments permit.

As I'm still rebuilding my files, consider this my regular 'fair use' notice.

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