Friday :: Jan 21, 2005

Rummy Avoids Germany Trip Fearing War Crimes Arrest

by Steve

In a story that our mainstream media has ignored all day, Donald Rumsfeld was forced to withdraw from a scheduled trip to Germany next month because of the possibility he would be arrested for war crimes upon stepping foot on German soil.

Rumsfeld has informed the German government via the US embassy he will not take part at the Munich Security Conference in February, conference head Horst Teltschik said.

The New York-based Center for Constitutional Rights filed a complaint in December with the Federal German Prosecutor's Office against Rumsfeld accusing him of war crimes and torture in connection with detainee abuses at Iraq's Abu Ghraib prison.

Immediately after the complaint was filed, the Bush Administration attempted to bully the German government into rejecting the complaint by threatening that relations between the two countries would be jeopardized. The Administration also threatened back on December 14, 2004 that Rummy would not attend the conference in February unless the Germans backed down. But in the five weeks since the threat was made, the German government has refused to back down, leading to today’s withdrawal by Rummy from the conference.

Obviously, the White House is taking it seriously, since the Pentagon is sending Douglas Feith on behalf of Rummy because Feith wasn’t named in the complaint. Rummy couldn’t send Steven Cambone because of his role in overseeing the military intelligence service accused of committing war crimes, and also because Cambone like Rummy is named in the complaint.

You know we have sunk a long way when we have to get lessons on war crimes, international law, and accountability from the Germans.

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