Saturday :: Jan 22, 2005

Letter from California

by paradox

01/22/05 0748.26 PST
San Jose, California

Something has gone wrong with my stomach, for a double cheeseburger Monday afternoon erupted into violent nausea that required two trips to the hospital and, appropriately enough, had me spending the entire inauguration week vomiting.

But by yesterday I could eat bland food again and make my own stock, a great, great day. I finally watched a little teevee coverage of the exceedingly grim proceedings along with the Lehrer News Hour quislings, Shields & Brooks.

ďPresident Bush ended inauguration week as he began it, with a prayer service at national cathedral.Ē

Are you fucking kidding me? Do you mean to say George Bush went before Jesus and God and Saints and the Holy Ghost and said hey, I lied to kill tens of thousands for a threat that didnít exist and turned myself and the DOD into flaming war criminals, but help me out and look out for me for the next term, will ya? Not once, but twice?

We are in big, big trouble. Iím not kiddingóif I were God or Jesus and some puny human pulled that stunt Iíd be pissed. Manóthat kind of disrespect is bound to invite serious retribution.

Right on cue, I swear, Jim Lehrer turned to the news from Iraq and in this incredulously normal voice droned on that some election guy was publicly beheaded, one of our soldiers was killed, 17 Shia were blown up by a suicide bomber, a car bomb blew up somewhere elseÖ man, I guess Jim Lehrer thought this retribution was pretty boring Ďcause he went on like it was normal, but it seemed seriously scary bad to me. Maybe when youíre heaving for four days with the tube it off it seems especially bad when you come back to it, I donít know, but Iíve got the feeling George is getting his answer from Jesus for being so disrespectful.

At least I was comforted by the discussion by the quislings about Bill Thomasís (R-CA) statement that Bushís Social Security abomination was dead, it canít pass the House. Maybe it was delusional in my weakened state, but I felt a Mars moment coming on, a phenomena of stupid, over-reaching embarrassing public announcements that are never, ever mentioned again by a whoring media class. Thatís what happened when Bush said weíd go to Mars, and hopefully thatís what will happen to Bushís absurdly dishonest social security ploy.

I hope so. There are encouraging signs of cojones from congressional Democrats, and although they could bury Bush forever for being so stupid as to go after Social Security with such flagrant lying, Iíll be more than happy to settle for a Mars moment over the whole thing, oh yes.

I continue to be in denial about California politics and only pay attention when I have to. Arnie, of course, has turned out to be a traitor and a backstabber to the folks he made deals with last year, Sacramento is billions short and our kidsín public servants are going to get screwed for it. The education community is an uproar and my wife, a teacher, is worried.

Itís Groundhog Day, year after year, every budget is the same. Californiaís revenue base is completely busted, and until we get real civic leadership to have a real honest discussion about how and who pays for what weíll continue to be civic laughingstocks. A real budget is likely 140 days away at least, anything could happen between now and then. Last time Feinstein got on the teevee in a commercial to pass the historic borrowing ďso this could never happen again.Ē Right, Dianne, thanks for the war vote.

Oy. It doesnít look good, what can I say? We shall prevail nonetheless as best we can. Iíve only got one life and Iím letting the Republicans ruin it, I tell you that.

Iíve felt a little embarrassed lately, for I know I said earlier I wouldnít write again until I got my ass out of this chair with some tangible political activity. Iím still just reading and writing, yes, but Iím working on something. I donít want to talk about it and jinx it, but there are promising signs of further activity down the road. Still, itís truly rare that I donít keep my word and I feel bad about it. Oh well, Iím kinda stuck, nobody wants to hear it, believe me, and sometimes I write well, which is still something. I think.

It also gives me the opportunity to pass on a happy story and giddy congratulations to Blez over at Athletics Nation, proud new father and very, very accomplished blogger. Sure it helps to have Markos as a friend, but Blez built that blogówith incredible guest posts from Beane and great journalists and players and a huge reader baseóall by himself with great work and talent and a huge heart.

I love baseball and Iím thrilled to see this blog thrive so well. Athletics Nation has a very refreshing enforced lightheartedness to itóchill out if you want to post here, dude, itís baseball. They expect this behavior from fanatics and it works beautifully. Congratulations and thank you, Blez.

[shrugs] Lots of good stuff still happens, even with Arnie and Bush around. There are new things to do with lots of opportunity for good works. Something to keep in my mind, thatís all. Peace be with you.

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