Sunday :: Jan 23, 2005

Just Say No to Alberto Gonzales

by Mary

Last week, except for Barbara Boxer and John Kerry, the Democrats on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee failed to vote against Condi Rice. By doing this, they ratified Bush's course and said it was okay to pursue illegal war by not holding him and his foreign policy advisor accountable for the Iraq War mess.

Let's hope that the Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee think about what they are ratifying when they vote on the Alberto Gonzales nomination. It is clear from the answers Gonzales gave to the questions submitted by the committee, Gonzales still condones cruel and unusual treatment and has a very narrow definition of torture. He also continues to believe the President can do anything he wants when there is a war and that there is no legal authority that can limit the President when he is operating as Commander in Chief. For Democrats to ratify this by a yes vote would be a betrayal of the constitution and governing by the rule of law. Note that Republicans who support Gonzales are also betraying their oaths of office to protect and defend the Constitution. Our forefathers specifically said that arbitrary power or cruel and unusual treatment was un-American. Let the Republicans wear that label if they decide to vote for Gonzales. Democrats should not.

Remember you can contact the Democratic members on the Judiciary Committee here. Let your Senators know what you think about this subversion of the constitution. Write a letter to the editor about why a vote for Gonzales is a vote affirming torture as an American value.

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