Tuesday :: Jan 25, 2005

Open Thread

by Mary

I've been getting the Washington Monthly for years and my favorite section is Charles Peters' column: Tilting at Windmills. One thing he talks about this month is the growing corruption of the Republican controlled Congress.

Recently a spending bill sailed through Congress containing a provision that only one person had read—and he was not a member of Congress. It was written by someone on the staff of the Appropriations Committee, and not a single other soul seemed to know about it. Although members of Congress are supposed to have three days to read a bill before its final passage, Rep. Brian Baird (D-Wash.) pointed out in a recent Post op-ed, that rule is “routinely overridden by the Republican majority, leaving only a few hours to read bills that are thousands of pages in length and spend hundreds of billions of the people's money.” That may help explain why, as The Boston Globe has reported, Republicans were able to sneak 3,407 pork barrel projects into appropriations bills in the session that just ended, compared to 47 such projects that the Democrats managed the last time they controlled Congress in 1994.

Okay, the good-government Republican Congress is at work adding pork to the overstretched budget while their Nero fiddles and asks for an addition $80 Billion for his war in Iraq. A war that knowledgeable folk say we are well on our way to losing.

So much for the probity of the Republicans.

What petty and not-so-petty corruption stories have caught your eyes?

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