Tuesday :: Jan 25, 2005

Feinstein Lays Out Senate Democrats' Position On Social Security, While White House Regroups After Initial Failures

by Steve

Dianne Feinstein staked out what may be the consensus position of Senate Democrats yesterday when she said that she is against carving out from current contributions a private or personal account feature for Social Security. Feinstein said she could support creating an add-on feature of personal accounts, on top of the current Social Security benefit, but not to replace it. Donít be surprised if that is the position of the Democratic caucus in the Senate on the matter. It comes on the same day that the NYT is reporting that the White House is backing up already and looking at how to tweak a proposal that hasnít been issued yet, while Steve Moore, formerly of the Cato Institute tries to give advice on how the White House can recover from its initial failings in selling the idea; advice that frankly is deceptive and fatal for the GOP if they implement it. Plus the AARP releases its own poll showing that there is declining support for Bushís plan when it is explained to respondents what really is involved with private accounts. But please disregard the White House drivel about this poll being problematic; the White House is simply mad that the AARP poll had the guts to call privatization what it really is, and of course that goes against the Luntz/Rove deceptive framing. And to top it all off, as Yuval noted below the Arlington Group, a front group for social conservatives, is complaining to Karl Rove that Bush is more willing to push for privatization, even with the political difficulty inherent in doing so, than he is for a constitutional gay marriage ban.

Itís a good day to watch the White House deal with its problems, all of its own making.

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