Tuesday :: Jan 25, 2005

Parody of a Dream

by Duckman GR

It strikes me as beyond absurd, parody extremist, Orwellian, Peter Sellerian, Groucho Marxian, this Iraqi election.

Thanks to the ever hopeful Holden at First Draft I found myself directed to this story about the election.

"Publishing the names of candidates only five days before the elections is aimed at ensuring an honest process and introducing them to potential voters," a statement by the commission said Tuesday.

Five days before the election? How long did our election last, an interminable lifetime, and still people voted for the shrub, making me think that in all that time the American people still didn't get introduced to the real gwb. Yet the Iraqi's get five days. Think of all the lost advertising revenue. The unemployed consultants, poor Bob Shrum, where's he going to work now?

But not to fear, since chances are good that the people won't know where to go anyway, and they're shutting down polling stations to 'consolidate' the security concerns. The Christian Science Monitor sums it up quite nicely.

Candidates' identities are not the only remaining secret in the election. To help prevent them from being attacked, the location of polling places will not be released until about a week before the election. Party platforms also seem to be kept secret. Campaigning has also been limited, with almost no mass campaign events or rallies. A recent survey indicates that most Iraqi voters are unaware of the party lists' political platforms.

It's as if Jon Stewart were running an election with Groucho Marx and Peter Sellers, directed by Stanley Kubrick.

Does it get any better than this? And they don't need diebold to muck this thing up. Isn't condiLiesAlot still in charge of the Iraq group? Maybe someone should ask her that too.

To summarize, they don't know who they're voting for, they don't where they're voting for these people they don't know, and if they did know the candidates they wouldn't know what they stood for.

Perfect, and pass the popcorn please!

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