Wednesday :: Jan 26, 2005

Rice Confirmed 85-13 - Twelve Democrats And Jim Jeffords Vote Against

by Steve

The Senate just voted 85-13 to confirm Condi Rice as Secretary of State. Twelve Democrats and Jim Jeffords made up the 13 votes against torture, lies, and ineptitude. Here are the Brave 13 who have integrity:

Barbara Boxer, D-Calif.
Robert Byrd, D-W.Va.
Edward Kennedy, D-Mass.
John Kerry, D-Mass.
Carl Levin, D-Mich.
James Jeffords, I-Vt.
Jack Reed, D-R.I
Mark Dayton, D-Minn.
Daniel Akaka, D-Hawaii
Evan Bayh, D-Ind.
Frank Lautenberg, D-N.J.
Tom Harkin, D-Iowa
Richard Durbin, D-Ill.

The full roll call is here. In fact, please note that all of the women Democratic senators voted for Rice, except Barbara Boxer (of course there's no gender politics going on here, is there?). And Russ Feingold, Joe Biden, and other Democratic senators with 2008 presidential ambitions gave Condi a pass today.

I guess we shouldn't expect to see any concerns from Dianne Feinstein about Condi Rice's lies to get us into the war and her ineptitude in running the occupation. I mean, why would Feinstein care about that when she and her husband Richard Blum are directly profiting from the Iraq war and occupation?

And someone please tell that piece of crap John McCain, who claims he cares about integrity and the troops, to stick it with garbage like this:

"So I wonder why we are starting this new Congress with a protracted debate about a foregone conclusion," McCain said. Since Rice is qualified for the job, he said, "I can only conclude that we are doing this for no other reason than because of lingering bitterness over the outcome of the election."

Remember that quote when the second term foreign policy goes to hell, and McCain is campaigning for Democratic and independent votes in 2008.

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