Friday :: Jan 28, 2005

Bill Kristol Himself Says Democrats Need To Emulate 1994 To Fight Bush On Social Security In 2005

by Steve

Here’s another shameless chance at “I told you so.” Remember several weeks ago, when I said that Bush’s focus on privatizing Social Security should be treated by Democrats as an opportunity to repay the GOP for what Gingrich and K Street did to Clinton’s health care proposal in 1994? Well, as I noted before, Ryan Lizza says the same thing. And according to Howie Kurtz’s column today, it turns out that Bill Kristol himself, the architect of the overall “just say no” strategy in 1994 told a Harvard crowd in early December (a week after my initial post on this) that the Democrats should look to 1994 as a guide to political rebirth in 2005.

Read John Heilemann’s great piece on the parallels and differences between 1994 and 2005. Along these lines, Mike Allen's Page One in today's Post reports that Bush is going to have many troubles with his own party, not just on Social Security. So any aggressive campaign district-by-district, waged by the DNC, DSCC, DCCC, and our supporters will pay big dividends not only now, but also in 2006 and in 2008. It presents the perfect opportunity for the merging of the Truth Squad concept with the Tier Two campaign approach we advocated over the last year or so.

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