Sunday :: Jan 30, 2005

Party Insiders Vote Against Dean This Afternoon

by Steve

Just when we thought it was possible that the national party would be clutched from the grasp of the failed Beltway Democrats and their consultants through a Howard Dean chairmanship, word comes that the executive committee of state party chairs endorsed 37 year-old Donnie Fowler for DNC chair this afternoon. Worse yet, according to Time Magazine this afternoon, both Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are working against Dean’s candidacy.

Please tell me this isn’t so. Some of you have been following the chairperson’s race far better than me. But I fail to see how a Donnie Fowler is going to help us out in the hinterlands, on Main Street USA, and on the college campuses when he is a creature of his father and the same Beltway environment that got us where we are at now. Perhaps I am being too hard on Fowler, but when I see Pelosi and Reid working to derail Dean, all I can think is that the Democrats on the Hill want to control the party, which may mean more of the same Beltway and consultant mindsets. We have seen good things from both Reid and Pelosi so far in terms of party discipline and cohesive messages, but isn’t taking over the national party too big a bite when you haven’t launched a comprehensive attack upon Bush’s agenda yet?

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