Sunday :: Jan 30, 2005

Open Thread

by Mary

Housekeeping details: We've gotten the site upgraded to MT 3.15 and have converted our MT database from the resource intensive BerkeleyDB to MySQL, a real, but lite-weight Relational Database Server. Just that change has made an obvious difference to the performance of the site. You should find it much faster pulling up comments and the frustrations of the 500 Internal Error (timeout) are a thing of the past. Searches on the site should also work again without overloading the system.

Therea are still things several things that are going to be frustrating: since we migrated from one database system to another, the permalinks others had to us are no longer valid. And TLC stories that linked to other TLC articles also will have broken links. If you find a link that should get updated, please send the post it was in and link you were viewing to me or drop me a comment in an open thread.

What next? We're looking into seeing if we can add some comment moderation. MT 3.1x uses TypeKey to provide a mechanism for registering commenters who are regulars. Other comments can be reviewed for relevance or tone before they are added to the mix.

And, remember, if you haven't contacted your Senators ( makes it easy), do let them know that a vote for Alberto Gonzales is a vote for torture. Some on the right might disagree, but Gonzales is the visible face of this administration's torture policy for the rest of the world.

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