Tuesday :: Feb 1, 2005

The Troll Typology in Action!

by rayman

Back in December, I linked to a "troll typology" that a poster at AMERICABlog constructed, measuring a correlation between right-wing troll hysteria and their fear of Democratic politicians and/or policies. Here's a brief recap:

If you haven't noticed, there is a scale of troll agitation:

1) Snarky - A red state themed nickname when they post
2) Scared - You're going to lose every election if you talk that way, you're doing yourself more harm than good, etc.
3) Terrified - So many typos I can tell the troll realizes that when enough people hear this, their world is coming to an end

Anyway, the race for DNC chair has proven how valuable and accurate this typology really is. Now that Howard Dean appears increasingly certain to gain the nod (though it's still not a "slam-dunk," to quote George Tenet), our friends on the right have gone into overdrive warning us of the perils that will befall the Democratic Party if he takes charge. The chief instigator, not surprisingly, is Bob Novak, who has devoted several columns in recent months "warning" the Democrats about a Dean-led DNC. HIs most recent entry is none-too-subtly entitled Dean at DNC would cost Dems,

Not to be outdone, right-wing blogger Patrick Ruffini gets into the act, slamming not only Dean but Kos as well:

Umm, where do you think this whole Dean-for-DNC thing got started? Daily Kos is Exhibit A, B and C for this phenomenon. Here's someone who tells us, on the central issue of our time, that "The war is long past lost." Who feels compelled to note, evenhandedly, the atrocities "on both sides of the conflcit." (sic) And who says, of the Americans who died in Fallujah, "screw them."

For Democrats, the litmus test for political sanity is whether they can repudiate stuff like this. But do Democrats feel they can't repudiate Kos because he brings too big a "community" to the table?

Now, leave aside Ruffini's slanderous misinterpretation of Kos's words. Notice how the right-wing attitude toward Dean has shifted in the past year from smug condescension (Level One in the troll typology)to Level Two's panicked denunciation. As AMERICABlog noted
Number two is a bit more of a debatable case. Like I'm going to take advice from a troll? Are you kidding me? Like you're even giving me advice out of the goodness of your blackened, frosty heart? Of course I'm not, nor does the troll expect me to. The purpose of the "scared" post is simply to attempt to demoralize the opposition. It's plain as day psych ops.

Yup, I'm sure Bob Novak and Patrick Ruffini are mighty concerned about Democrats avoiding the political oblivian awaiting them if Dean becomes DNC chair. Let's see how long it takes before Level Three of the troll typology--sputtering, terrified incoherence--is reached.

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