Wednesday :: Feb 2, 2005

State of the Union: DOA

by paradox

President Bush will apparently spend around 50% of his speech on his plans to dismantle Social Security tonight, right after the obligatory rank lie that Social Security is in “crisis.”

It’s a total waste of breath. Harry Reid (D-NV Senate Minority Leader) has publicly stated he has not one Democratic defection in the Senate Democratic Caucus in support of Bush’s private retirement accounts.

Bush’s plan likely will not pass the House, and it will never, ever pass the Senate. The GOP doesn’t have the votes to break a filibuster, so no matter what Bush says tonight or how the press whores for him his Social Security destruction is dead on arrival. Let him lie and yap and squander what political capital he has on this dreadful proposal.

After that word is from the AP wire that Bush will emphatically state Iraq’s recent election justified the invasion and occupation.

Nothing justifies it, not even remotely close. The United States completely lied about a threat in Iraq that never existed. We blew up their children and invaded for something they might be capable of doing to us, which turned out to be precisely nothing. The United States committed profound war crimes at Abu Ghraib prison and in Fulluja during the course of the present occupation.

We’ve lost 1,438 DOO (Department of Offense) personnel with 10,622 severely wounded, along with at least 50,000 innocent Iraqis killed. All of our allies are horrified and loathe Bush, while a half-century of extremely hard work and good will internationally was chucked in the trash in just four years.

That Iraqis elected slates of representatives (minus an extremely combative 20% Sunni minority) to write a constitution is good news. So what? It has nothing to do with the United States or its security—there was never a threat from Iraq. Tyrant oligarchies in the region like Saudi Arabia are our “allies.” The alleged drive to spread Democracy is simply another Bush lie, he doesn’t care about spreading Democracy.

Bush can say whatever he wants—he still will be forever known as a lying war felon killer. The press and deluded citizens can believe otherwise and lie to themselves in some fantasy world of denial, but history will more than bear these facts out easily.

For Democrats, of course, this will be an extremely difficult night as the war felon lies about the most successful government program of all time in a ridiculous exercise of futility and then riffs into gross rationalizations about why having tens of thousands of stacked corpses for a failed US policy meets some sort of justification. The knowledge that Bush wants to spend just as much on the Baghdad embassy as we’re spending on the new World Trade Center while our kids don’t have textbooks will be hard too.

We will survive, of course. We will continue to blog and organize and comment and donate and call and write and run for office until these war felons are gone. We’re never going anywhere, we cannot be exterminated, and one day we will win back Congress and the Executive. All Bush is going to outline tonight is future and past failure, and the press won’t cover for him forever. We’re going to fight back unceasingly until our country is safe and working for its own citizens again.

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