Thursday :: Feb 3, 2005

Son of Beach. Sheet.

by dj moonbat

Alberto Gonzales confirmed, in defiance of all standards of decency. F'ing cowardly Dems.

Update (from Soto): Here are the Democrats who voted in favor of Gonzales, all of whom apparently checked their morals at the door today:

Joseph Lieberman of Connecticut
Ken Salazar of Colorado
Mary Landrieu of Louisiana
Bill Nelson of Florida
Ben Nelson of Nebraska
Mark Pryor of Arkansas.

And perhaps someone should clue newly elected Ken Salazar in to the fact that playing the race card yourself doesn’t allow someone to get a free pass on torture:

"I think it is a mistake for this chamber to allow the race card of being Hispanic to be used to destroy or erode the institutions that we have here," said Salazar.
If Senator Salazar thinks that being Hispanic allows Gonzales to get a free pass on torture, or withholding information in death penalty cases, or getting Bush out of revealing his DUI, then he is a discredit to the party that worked so hard to get him elected to hold the Bush Administration accountable.

As for Mary Landrieu and the others who voted in favor of both Condi and now Gonzales, I ask this: just what the hell would a Bush nominee have to do for you to demonstrate some moral fiber and base principles and vote against them?

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