Friday :: Feb 4, 2005

They're Only In It For The Money

by pessimist

Of all people, Clear Channel Communications is now in the business of promoting the liberal broadcasting of Air America:

Clear Channel Rolls Out More Liberal Talk Radio

Clear Channel Communications Inc. on Wednesday said it converted three stations to a liberal talk format and this year could double to 44 the number of stations carrying such programming. "The election cycle last year gave rise to dissenting voices, which gave rise to a new format in talk radio. When the public says it wants more of this, we provide it," said Gabe Hobbs, vice president of programming for news/talk/sports for Clear Channel Radio.

Money talks, and ideology walks. Gabe?

As one industry insider who spoke on condition of anonymity put it, "If Franken can deliver an audience, they'll run to Franken. They don't care about his politics."

Let's hope so!

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